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08 May 2006 @ 02:58 am
Theatrical Muse: Week 125: Question 125  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 523

Who was "the one that got away"?


Switching the desk lamp on, the Medical Examiner walked away from the desk and proceeded to switch off most, if not all, of the lights in the morgue. When it was all dark, except for the lamp, and a few other dimly illuminating light sources, the man took a seat at the desk with a small, but audible sigh. With only the dead to hear him, it was ok to be like that.

Hammerback did not need a light to show him where the item he was looking for, was. Taking a set of keys out of his pocket, the tired man unlocked the top right draw of the desk. Placed on top of his handkerchief were two things. There was his watch, and then, nestled inside the circle that the watchband made, was a golden wedding ring. Putting the watch on, the man slipped the ring onto his finger, and smiled, somewhat contentedly as he put the handkerchief onto the desk.

He had about half an hour before shift change, and right then, the only difference between the morgue when he was working, was that the lights were off. With such a short time to go before he got the chance to go home, he could afford a bit, just a bit, of relaxation time.

Closing his eyes, the Medical Examiner took off his glasses, placed them on his desk and sat back in the desk chair, intending to, just for a bit, have a little rest. He was interrupted though, by the sound of a door opening, and someone clearing their throat.

“You do know, we get paid for actually, working.” came the entirely joking tone of Mac Taylor, a man, he had known, it seemed, for one too many years. Not that that was a bad thing, but it just made him feel even older than he really was, on occasion.

“How long have you been here?” the Detective pressed on, his tone suddenly becoming all that more serious.

When the other man didn’t reply, the CSI pushed just a little further.


Hammerback looked up suddenly, and, in a flash, he had picked up his glasses and clipped them back on around his head.

“Sorry.” he said, and paused, adjusting the desk lamp a little so it shone a bit better on the newest entrance to his domain.

“Thinking.” the man said, gesturing absently with his hands.

Mac simply raised an eyebrow, which made the slightly older man let something of a cheeky shine into his eyes.

“Somewhere around a day, give or take twenty four hours. More on the give side.”

Nodding, the CSI went and switched on a couple of lights, and took a seat. Staring at Hammerback, his eyes flickered to his fingers, and, at the same time, the Medical Examiner looked at his. There was something of a mutual understanding between the two men, because they both knew that, although they each wore a wedding ring, and a gold one at that, neither man would go home to a woman at the end of his day. And there was nothing that could change that.
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