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15 December 2006 @ 08:16 am
Theatrical Muse: Week 156: Question 156  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 786

If you could change one aspect of your society, what would it be?

Ah, now, you see, as someone involved in the area of crime solving, I am often torn on how I am to answer hypothetical questions such as this. Often enough, such questions are best answered with the whole no utopian, nothing is ever, or ever, can be, perfect, theory, which I do, very much believe in, in the best way possible. In other circumstances though, I do admit, I like having a bit of fun, because such questions, allow me to think, and contemplate. I also, very much, love considering the possibility of alternate, or parallel universes, because, like creating a whole new fantasy world, when someone writes a story, other versions of the Earth, are curious things to think about. I am in debate with myself, as to whether such alternate or parallel Earths, actually exist, but, still, even though I am that way, I still like to think about the possibility, the very unique, very special, possibility, of there being something, no matter how big or small, that was different, from the world that I know and adore. Of course, such thoughts can sometimes be depressing, but, if I can manage to get past such pressing, depressing, ideas, then thinking about other worlds, other Earths, can be a very enjoyable experience, or, daydream. However you choose to term, the brilliant, pleasant, activity, that thinking about things is, imagining that anything can be possible, can’t hurt. It is only, when people go around with the idea that it is absolutely possible, to fix absolutely everything, absolutely, that they are truly imagining the possible. It doesn’t hurt to try and fix things, and, really and truly, we should try our very, hardest, best, to do so, but not everything can be perfect, and nothing, honestly, ever is.

If you go around thinking you’re Superman, than, more often than not, you will get hurt, either physically, or, mentally. Heaping pressure upon yourself, solves no problems, and stress, as I have seen during my lifetime, can be a fatal factor in relation to the activity that is continuing to live. I suppose, sadness, and sometimes occurring, consequent depression, is not that good either, but, I don’t think, if you handle it right, it is as much of a threat to a person’s health. The thing is, stress, sadness, happiness, joy, silliness, they’re all real and true, human emotions, brought about by a variety of different occasions and happenings. It is up to the individual, human being, as to how, or, even whether, they actually, react, to something, to some sort of outwards stimuli.

If I could change any aspect about my society, I would lessen the evils in the world. This is, namely because of the fact that I am already aiding in doing that. My work as a Medical Examiner, aids in the eventual solving of crimes, and, as such, I help, in some form, to get criminals locked away for the crimes that they have committed. If I keep doing that, as I have, then, by natural way of progression, I have helped lessen the evils of the world, even if it is, only, just by a very small amount in comparison to the extent of the work that actually needs to be done. I like helping, because, really and truly, and, honestly, it makes me happy, that I’m doing something good, and, because I know that I’m doing something good, I need never permanently worry about what may happen to me, because I have good friends. I have, these brilliant, fantastic friends, who care about me, and appreciate the work that I do, and, in having them, I am happy and content. We’re family, in some respects, and, we take care of each other, so, even though we can’t always protect each person in this group, from harm, we can protect them all the same, and, if, and, when, it happens, we can help them when they fall. Honestly, I like the world I live in, so, really, to be absolutely honest, if I had a choice, I wouldn’t change anything, because the only thing, I could, realistically, think, of changing, myself, I am already doing, I am already helping, to bring about. I am, happy, really, honestly, really, I am, well, at least, most of the time, I am, happy, that is. To be honest, to be blatantly, blatantly honest, I am happy, even if, sometimes, I am, sad. With that, with my friends, with my life, with, what I am, I am ok, and, I am happy, I am, ok. I just, need, to keep moving, and working, because, those things, are what keep me alive, and, happy, even, if, I am sad.
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