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23 November 2006 @ 03:00 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 153: Question 153  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 1161


Sunrise over New York City was a magical thing. Millions upon millions, shard of brightly coloured light, suddenly spilled across the sky, filtering in through empty office windows, and into people’s bedrooms, to wake them if their alarm clock hadn’t already gone off. For those who worked through the night and into the early morning, it was often a time to stop, and pause, for a few minutes, in order to sit or stand quietly, and reflect on life. Sparkles of pure, luminescent, iridescent light, sprung against glass, and reflected off it, and other similar surfaces, such as metal, or shiny paint. Eventually, though, the sunrise would finish, the sunlight would be there, and the whole city would be lit up in pure, unadulterated, daytime glory.

On that particular day, Sid Hammerback was marvelled when the coming sunlight sparkled off the glass windows of the distant skyscraper office buildings. He was mindful that someone peering down, perhaps, from the very top floor of one of those buildings, could see the top of the apartment building he was on, and might spot the two naked figures resting gracefully and elegantly, on wooden deckchairs. The games they played, the games he and Marianne played, were so different from the person who would be cooped up in that desk, in that office building, in a couple of hours. Even if she did work at a desk sometimes, she never took herself that seriously. Whereas the person at the desk, would amuse himself by having that extra chocolate biscuit when he got home that night, they took a drastically different approach.

Their games, though, their games were beautiful, and made of magic.

Running a hand over the smooth, exposed skin of her stomach, and downwards, he stroked his hand over her upper thigh, and smiled. The carpet did match the curtains, quite clearly. Lifting his hand upwards, the man found the woman’s hair and lifted up a section of it, so he could get to her ear. Leaning over, he smile became slightly amused as she opened one cautious eye, then two, and stared at him.

“Do you want to watch the sunrise, and then go in?” he questioned softly, but with enough force that the air escaping from his mouth, brushed against her ear before being whirled away by the slightly moving wind. Turning her head, and looking over to him directly, the vibrant red head gave a cheeky grin, perfectly painted red lips parting, to show perfectly white, perfectly sculpted, teeth. Then, she nodded. Simply, and quietly, she nodded.

Grinning just as wickedly, Sid’s hand dropped and snaked downwards through the small gap between the chairs they lay on, and when his hand raised again, hooked onto one finger was a bra strap, and on the other, a pair of knickers. They were both La Perla, beautiful, black, and lacy. There were parts he couldn’t see through, but others he could, and this combination of lace, tulle and velvet straps on the bra, was elegant, and sculpted the woman magnificently when they were worn, although she was already, quite, so very, beautiful. Her gaze flickering from his face, to her underwear, Marianne chuckled lightly.

“Want some help?” the man questioned, raising a sultry, amused eyebrow.

“Of course.” the woman said, looking over to him once more with a loving, appreciative smile. Looking away, she sat up, and swung her legs to the right, over the side of the chair, so she now had her back to the man she called her husband. Once she had stopped moving, Sid took up a similar position, his feet dropping through the small gap to rest on the floor, and, treating her quite gently, he helped his wife slip on the bra they had so quickly discarded the night before. One arm slid through one bra strap, and then the other did the same. Adjusting the bra, so it sat just so, on the woman’s body, he did up the clasp, and when this task was done, she stood up help up his own underwear, his boxers. With both hands, the woman got down onto her knees, and held them out for him. Smiling, Sid stepped into the boxers, and she raised herself up, lifting the underwear as she did so. Walking away a few steps, Marianne stopped, and the man followed her, soon doing her the same favour with her own knickers. When he rose to a standing position, he inhaled as he did so, and yet another cleverly created, indulgent smile, spread across his very own lips. Kissing, the couple took up their seats again, and watched the sun as it continued along it’s upwards journey through the New York City sky, illuminating the skyline as it did so.

When early morning had just arrived, and the morning sun still mixed with the lingering coolness and hidden like nature of the night time air, Marianne stood up and slipped on the rest of her, clothing. This consisted of a suspender belt, suspenders, black stockings, wrist garters, black high heeled shoes, and a short, slinky, loose, tulle and lace, dress like, slip creation. As she did so, Sid pulled on a light pair of white cotton pants, and a black dress shirt. This, he left untucked, and, once Marianne had slipped on a black silk dressing gown and done it up, he joined her, and together, they made their way to the stairs.

The games they played, were beautiful magic. They did not harm, they did not insult, they just made people happy, they, just, let them enjoy their lives in a different, alternative way, to throwing scrunched up waste paper, into a rubbish bin. The game, it may have been sexy, and fun, and enjoyable, but it didn’t go further than that, it didn’t rule their lives.

The previous night in the lives of Sid and Marianne Hammerback, consisted of meeting tow friends, another married couple, at the door of their house. Each of the four people was casually dressed, in something that was sexy, but not too exotic, or particularly revealing. They exchanged greetings, swapped keys, took their bags, and left the couple inside their home, and travelled over to their lush, rich, apartment. The rules of the game, was to swap homes, for just one night. Whatever mess was made, was cleaned up, and whatever was moved or disturbed, was fixed, all of this occurring before leaving the residence. Each couple brought their own food, clothing and supplies, things like that, and stayed in the home until early the next morning. Once the time had come, one couple left the other couple’s home, while the other couple stayed at theirs, and all four people met back at the starting house, exchanged greetings, keys, and final goodbyes, before parting ways. Then, all was done, and all was settled, and the game, was finally, over.

“Finish?” the woman questioned. And Sid, simply, and quietly, nodded.
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