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29 May 2009 @ 08:44 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 285: Question 285  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 1091

What have you done to make ends meet when you were broke?

In my life, I never have really been left wanting, I have never been without a house, and I have always had shoes on my feet, if the having of such things is any indicator of lifestyle. I have had debt, of course I have had debt, I own a house and I have a car, I once had two children to clothe and send to school. In the past I have had medical school to pay off, and before that many things to buy for my work as a Chef, which I still try to maintain to the present day. I am getting on in years now, in terms of being past the point where I work instead of attend school, live by myself, instead of with parents, but I do not think of myself as old. Despite this, despite the fact that I still have many years ahead of me, Marianne and I were fortunate in that we both earned good amounts of money through our respective jobs over the years, and between us, oh so fortunately we had cleared off our debts many years before she died.

Being that I have no intention of selling my home in the very near future, being that I will not need a new car for a while yet, being that I now live by myself, my living expenses are minimal as far as basic necessities go, and my chance of incurring more debt is low. In terms of my job, there is petrol to buy, and for the sake of continued learning I do keep up subscriptions to several reputable medical and criminal journals and databases. While I may enjoy cooking, I am responsible, most of the time with the amount of money I spend on food, and being a tall rather compact human being, I find clothing easy to find and I use water and electricity responsibly.

Now, in terms of lifestyle, I suppose, aside from bills, and necessities such as food and liquid, most of my money is spent on the things I do or the things I have. This is normal, however, because if we only spent money on food, water, electricity and having a roof over our heads, I would imagine we may all become naked and reduced to walking around the city on bare feet. That is a bit wild of me, I do elaborate in that hypothesis, but I am trying to show that in buying myself nice clothes, and occasionally stooping so low as to buy tabloid magazines, I am continuing the act of being a relatively normal human being.

While I am not rich, now I lead a comfortable life, and I have enough money around that I can indulge in going out to clubs or to dinner if I desire. I have enough money that I can buy myself books and lovely knives. I have a television that is not space station worthy, but it does a decent job, and I have a home computer, a laptop as well, that I replace when they become very slow and clunky, which takes quite a few years, experience given. Swinging, fortunately, is a free act, but the kind o sexual lifestyle I lead, does not come without expense. Leather whips cost money, as does edible underwear and fanciful silk straps, as does the wining and dining of ladies and men. I am a humble man, but people have described me as eccentric, eclectic, whimsical even. I am known to buy funny things, but it is not something I am known for at large, it is just merely a tiny facet of my being, my totality.

New York City, by itself necessitates a certain level of fluidity in life. The ability to change with the days, to change with what is needed or expected of a person is a talent I excel in, while all the time remaining myself, of course. I keep myself well up to date with the procession movements of technology and culture, so I see movies, I even own a portable music device, which as a young man who served me coffee once remarked, is awfully progressive of an old “dude” such as myself. That is not the point, however, I am simply trying to show that I have, in the past, and in the present, Managed my money well, and worked hard to make sure that I am able to live a life that I desire to live, without overly indulging or wasting money in excess on things like gambling, drinking and smoking. I am a responsible adult, and while eccentric, even I know I am eccentric, I get by well.

I have a vegan friend. Well, to be honest I have several vegetarian friends of various levels who I cook for every now and then, although I am perfectly sure one of them once stole all my eggs. Anyway, I have a vegan friend, a lovely girl, a bit younger than myself, who works in the film industry. While I have never been permanently living with small amounts of money to sustain myself on, well, as with any other life, there has been a period, before I become a Medical Examiner, and prior to my career as a Chef really taking off, where I had very little money, enough to live with, but not much else. In a time a couple of years after I married Marianne and while my vegan friend was breaking into the film industry, more hammering at the door, I helped her make a student film. While it was a fun experience, I did do it for the money, because I was nearing a certain level of being broke. Suffice to say, somewhere there is an old student film where I am grotesquely murdered in a dark and scary scene by a zombie, no, several zombies, yes. Oh, there is nothing colder and more uncomfortable than being covered in fake blood in the middle of the night and having to film my last fictional moments alive trapped in a dumpster. I also spent a week or so as a male stripper once, but that was more for pleasure than anything, really. Anyway, in my life, I have always made ends meet, whether barely or sufficiently, money is a thing I no longer spend hours obsessing over, not that I ever really did, that much. There is far much more to life than just money, that I am completely, totally and absolutely aware and sure of.
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