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27 August 2006 @ 11:25 am
Theatrical Muse: Week 139: Question 139  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 1157

Do you tend to make friends easily? Why/why not?

When you run your hands down the naked back of a woman, when you feel her skin and appreciate its subtle imperfections, you have found a most unique kind of love. It may not be permanent or lasting, it may not be, that real, but it’s love all the same, and whether or not it goes on, or ends there soon after, doesn’t matter. When your lips, find her lips, and you kiss, you find an inexhaustible fountain of conversation, a source for all future possibilities and memories kept from the past. Loving a woman, feeling her, exploring her, and, knowing, her, so truly you can imagine knowing no more, is one of the most wonderful things a man can do in his life. Providing that, that man likes women, that is, because, believe me, I have nothing against gay men, or bisexual ones for that matter, and the same goes for lesbians and bisexual woman, I’m just speaking from what I know, from my, personal experience.

I met my wife at a very young age, and we married at quite a young age as well. We had children a little later than we expected, but we managed to have them all the same, and they were perfectly fine and healthy. So, very much, in so, many ways, perfectly fine and healthy. Terrors, yes, but wonderful, splendid children, all the same. And we had enough contacts and money, that we could still both lead adequate social lives. Whether our activities were suitable for our age though, is a matter left to discussion. We’d always been adventurous, and, right up until Marianne’s death, we still were.

I make friends easily, and, of course, I like to make friends who interest me, or, possibly, those who are actually within an interest group of mine. It is a natural human feature, to find those who hold our interest the most, and keep them tight our bodies. That being said, I have many friends, many contacts and acquaintances, from every walk of life, and some of them, don’t have anything in common with me at all, or barely do, and still, we call each other friend, because that’s what we are, to each other, friends. Some of my friends are closer to me than most, and have earned the title of best friend, if such a thing can exist. They are the people I go out with most often, and who I happen to see the most, or talk with, the most. I have a few best friends, not as many as other people do, but still, I have them. I am happy about such a thing, because, really, it suits me the best. If I called everyone my best friend, and treated them as such, I doubt whether I’d get any sleep.

A lover is a friend as well, although what type of friend they may be, will differ from person to person, just, as it does on a normal basis. Whether you are having sex, exploring new things, going out, or just kissing, you are friends in one way or another. You have to trust someone to love them, no matter how long you love them for, and, as such, they are a friend. Of course, this rule only performs within reason, excluding prostitutes, strippers and the focus of a stalker or murderer. Hopefully, I’ve made my point on this particular section of the topic.

Marianne was my friend. Before I met her, I knew I was different, I knew I was smart, and, even though I was still quite young, in the scheme of things, I knew I was a perverse person. I thought about pictures that no one else my age thought of, some of them I sketched, artistically, in hidden sketch books. I was not sick, I was just perverse. I saw the human body, and what it could do, and I drew it naked, because what I saw, in my mind’s eye, was so, so, beautiful. My wife, I saw the same in her, the moment I first met her, even though no one else, really saw that shiny glint of various types of maturity, that stretched far beyond her current years.

Marianne was my best friend, my most very best friend, and my lover. She was the best lover I ever had, and, will ever have. My boys were my best friends as well, and while they were still family, they were my sons, they were my children. There was a distinct difference in the relationship I shared with Marianne, compared to the one I shared with my sons, of course, even if there were some distinct similarities. So, honestly, I miss my best three friends now, because, in my own right, they were the very best friends I could have ever imagined. They will be the greatest best friends that I ever have had, and ever will have, forevermore, just like, how Marianne was my best lover. I met all three of them easily, and formed a tight bond with each individual person, that went beyond words, that transcended all boundaries. I gave I had everything to them, and they gave everything they had, back to me, that is how much I loved them.

I will have more friends, and best friends, during my lifetime, and I will keep making friends, and, best friends, as long as I live. People like Mac and Stella, are some of the greatest best friends I will ever have, but they are in a different league to Marianne, Christopher and Michael, because they are not my family, they are not my lover, or my own flesh and blood. It doesn’t matter though, because I recognise that, and treasure it greatly, for what it’s worth.

I will miss, I will love, I will be happy, I will be sad, I will be glorious, I will be downtrodden, I will be, and I will feel, many more things in my lifetime. Right now though, right now at this very current moment, I am happy and thankful, somewhere within my being, greatly so, because I got the chance to be here, and I got given the gift of such glorious people. Even though, those three wonderful human beings, are now dead and buried after a terrible tragedy, that stole away their lives before they should have been up, I am all the better for having been able to have them, and know them, for so long. I will love and treasure my family always, just as I do my friends, and, my best friends. Nothing will ever change that, of course, and, as such, no matter how bad it may get for me, I must continue, onwards and upwards. I must keep on doing such a thing, so I can keep on going, so I can keep on learning, experiencing and forgiving, and, so, ultimately, I can keep on living.
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Winifred Burkle: Fred Artist by Iconmania_fredless on August 27th, 2006 05:01 am (UTC)
Dr. Sid Hammerback, ME: A Little Twistedsid_hammerback on August 27th, 2006 11:42 am (UTC)
Oh, pet, you've just made my day. :D Cheers. I always like getting fangirled.
Winifred Burkle_fredless on August 27th, 2006 03:59 pm (UTC)
I always like when I can help make people's day, so we both win on this one then. Seriously, it was a beautiful post!