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13 January 2009 @ 08:34 am
Theatrical Muse: Week 265: Question 265  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 525

What did you dream last night?

Do you know the way that light streams through coloured glass? That’s what I dreamed of last night, dangling baubles of coloured glass strung up on something, like wire lattice, inside an alcove, bordered by a thin coloured window. Tiny thin bubbles of colour, so fragile and ornate you could almost believe that they had been blown that very moment from some mixture or concoction. Something you could dip a little wand into and blow straight out, but they weren’t.

In waking, and I think, in sleep, these reminded me of a short holiday course in glass making Marianne and I took one summer. That in itself, is a stupid idea, for it was summer at the time, and naturally, very, very hot, which is not pleasant weather for trying to make glass in. I am still not sure what are the prime conditions for the creating and blowing of glass, but I would like to think it could have been done in winter.

As it turned out, we met this activity with limited success, in that neither had we tried to make glass before, and neither had we ever tried to blow it. While the combination of a Chef and a businesswoman has its advantages in that one of us could almost always be at home to take care of the affairs of our lives, it did not make for an extremely efficient joining in this occasion. It was, however, fun, and we did achieve a modicum of admiration for the craft in making some coloured glass baubles. While I liked them, I did adore them really, Marianne held them in a special reverence for which she was sometimes known to hold small beautiful objects in. Being that we could not hang them up, having not learned the intricacies of putting holes into glass, she found a small glass bowl and filled it with layers of tissue paper. So these little bubbles of coloured glass sat on a living room table for the better part of one and a half years until they were put up on a shelf and something else more recent took their place.

I could have always imagined hanging them up somewhere like a children’s mobile. Had they had holes, I very much have faith in the concept that Marianne and I would have spent many fiddling minutes threading string through them and making some bizarre hanging creation which, no doubt, we would have laughed at in its absurdity. Mind you, these were not perfect glass bubbles by any means, and some of them lacked quite the definition of a bubble, but we had made them together, and that was something worth a memorable form of merit or designation.

That is what I dreamed of last night, those little glass baubles hanging up like they always should have been. While dreams can sometimes have an inherent nature in smoothing out the details and rough patches, perhaps that is something I will do. I may very yet find a way to hang those baubles, which have no holes, to make a mobile of flying coloured glass, just like we always wanted.
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