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21 September 2008 @ 07:17 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 249: Question 249  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 691

Talk about politics.

Politics is a blessing and a curse. Being an essential part of life for a civilised society, where rules are adhered to and a set of laws and codes of conduct can be enforced at the will of professionally educated individuals, it is needed to put these kinds of things in place. However the rules, those very laws created by supposedly educated individuals themselves, can sometimes be harsh or pointless. If not monitored well enough, they can be unfair and way too strict and rigid for people to be able to conform to them adequately without getting pointlessly chased down for a minor offence. So if politics can be unfair, yet can also be useful, if not more so in more situations than the unfortunate other, then what is the big point? To let us live of course, and when we are down, when we are hurt, injured or have our lives defiled in some way, then it helps to protect us and ensure our future safety.

Down in my little world in the morgue, it is not entirely often that I surface to be the receiver of demands made on me because of the rules and regulations of my workplace as I am already following them, beforehand. I do what I do, I perform autopsies, I wash and store bodies, I collect evidence, all according to the rules of my work that I have long since learned and committed to memory. I am prone to mistakes just as any other person is, but it is rare, nearly unheard of, that I have ever gotten into significant trouble for my actions. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t notice office politics where I work, and it is evident in the subtle play of power from one CSI to another, in who gets what cases, and even who, in my world, works on particular bodies.

Mac, of course, is more prone to the political side of our work than I am, and I find it unfortunate when he suffers for something that has happened in the city that has long since stepped out far beyond his natural control. Mac is a good person, not a perfect one mind you, as no one is really completely perfect, but at the truest of hearts, he is a good, decent, honourable man. Crime has a way of disrupting politics, and making influential people jumpy, especially when it hits to close to home for them. As I have come to learn, in both the sense of office politics and real, law influencing politics, people are protective of the areas that are designated to them, as theirs. I am protective of my morgue, and I would defend the hard work of the people within it to the last breath, as Mac would his CSIs, but those loyalties don’t prevent us from defending each other when needed.

I am aware of the various laws of the society in which I live, the multitude of things both implicit and actually down on paper. I am one of the people who can help to determine what has happened when one or many of these acts of order keeping have been broken. Where crime and punishment is concerned, it is the length to which politics and the laws they make have been ignored, that will affect how severely the law punishes someone when they are caught. That is why I am fond of politics, because politics and the politicians that are necessitated through the requirement to keep order, they try to ensure that such an order is kept through order making rules and regulations.

Without politics, there would be no laws, and without laws there would be no order. Even at a basic level, not breaking that which is not yours, not speeding, not taking that which you do not own, even these little things, keep us safe. Despite the fact that politics can sometimes create mayhem and uncomfortable situations from anywhere for a few people, to many, I’d much rather have order, than chaos, any day of the week, even if people breaking the law, keeps me in a job.
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