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15 August 2006 @ 01:09 am
Theatrical Muse: Week 137: Question 137  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 817

Have you ever woken up in the morning and not remembered what you did the night before?

Of course! Are you crazy? Of course I have! That’s one of the better things about getting hammered, if you take care of yourself, you get a splendid, wonderful, surprise, in the morning. A headache, yes, I admit that, but you get a surprise all the same, if you play your cards right, and use them safely. Trust me, when you have sex with women, especially with ones half your age, it pays to be safe. But, enough about that, let me tell you a story. Or, maybe I can just describe one of these, adventures, of mine. Then again, you know, they’re the same thing. I just like confusing people, on occasion.

I can’t actually remember which story I was going to tell you, to be honest, so I’ll just tell you another one. It’s probably like the one I was going to tell you though, in some ways, or, maybe, it’s not, I’m not sure.

My wife and I went to a swinger’s party once. It wasn’t like a leather and metal thing, although, I do admit, there were whips and bondage involved, but just more like a casual affair. Tops with the first two buttons done open, no ties, dress pants with neat belts, dresses, cotton shirts. It was like these situations you see in some places in Miami, relaxed, calm, but neat and efficient at the same time. Beautiful in this tranquil, equal, shining, neat way, and organised as well, like any other well done party, except our purpose wasn’t solely to make sweet chitter chatter. No, no! It was to whisper sweet nothings into our partner’s ears before we left to “make out” with someone else. And if our original partner wanted to watch, then they were free to do so. Swinger’s parties are elegant like that.

There was a lot of sex going on that night, believe me, and, honestly, I don’t think there was all that much sleeping going on either. There was also plenty of alcohol, and just as many condoms. Now, it may seem like I’m painting a picture for disaster, but I’m not. At the party, we were all responsible adults, and nobody, trust me, nobody, drunk that much, and definitely not enough that they would get loose and irresponsible. We were all friends, and we all liked safety, to being safe, in respects to condoms and safe sex, was an unwritten, but well known, rule. Of course, with whips, it wasn’t completely safe, but, health wise, it was perfectly alright.

I remember most of that night very clearly. It was Saturday, the 12th of May, 2001, and I woke up on Sunday, the 13th of May, 2001, with next to no idea where I was. No, I hadn’t been drugged, and no, I hadn’t consumed enough alcohol to have granted myself that large of a hangover, I was just sleepy, and still quite high from all those lovely romantic feelings I’d shared with about a dozen people the night before. I think, really, I had about a dozen one on ones, and then there were a couple of other pairings, of various numbers. The thing about sex is, when you get a lot of it, eventually, you fall asleep, and, no matter how good you took care of yourself the night before, when you wake up, there’s going to be that brief, illustrious second, where you can’t remember where you are, or what you did, apart from that fact that it was all so very, very, very, very, good. It didn’t help, though, that, aside from having my wife by my side, I had another vibrant red head on my right nipple, and a very nice Texan, with their head on my stomach.

It was one of the last swinger’s parties I attended with my wife. Of course, we always had a baby sitter, a nice, responsible baby sitter, to sit for us if there was one on, but it wasn’t the lack of someone to help us, that stopped us from going. Simply put it, less than a year later, I lost her, I lost my boys, I lost my everything, and the world that it contained. And, although I still go to swinger’s parties, because I still know all of the people who attend them, even if I do bring a partner, they’re not really like this wild, fun and sex filled nights of old times past. Why? Simply because, she’s not there, by my side, to do such delicious, illustrious acts, with me, her husband, her partner, her other half, her everything. I miss that, I miss her, I miss my everything and my everyone, but, the matter of the fact is, that I have to continue, in any way possible, because if I stop, permanently, that is, I’ll fall into the final abyss, and I’ll never, ever, be able to get out.
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controls_ladycontrols_lady on August 17th, 2006 11:02 pm (UTC)
Hi! :)

I doubt you remember me - so it's fine if you don't. :).

Even if the rumors are true, and Sid is replaced by that woman who's coming in to be Mac's girlfriend, I hope you keep writing him. I enjoy reading what you write - you bring out his quirkiness so well. He's definitely not a cookie cutter character, which is wonderful!

I would really like to see your take on how Jacob Stock - Robert's occasional role in The Equalizer series - would be now. Consider it a challenge sometime .

More seriously, I admire your stick-to-itiveness, something I have definitely had problems with lately. I am improving :). Someday I will feel like I am more consistent with my writing, and when that day comes, I will join some of these groups with a time frame. Until then I'll keep plugging along on my own!

Great job on the prompt, as usual.

Talk to you sometime - have a great week!