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26 June 2008 @ 11:07 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 236: Question 236  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 771

What does respect mean to you?

In my line of work I often see the result of actions that come about as the end product of someone lacking, something, some emotion or shred of humanity that would otherwise prevent them from acting on their impulses, their drastic intentions. True, in some people, there is a problem with their mind, a deviance away from normal functioning or ability that causes in them, a lack of control over their actions, their impulses, their anger. However, the medical and psychological understanding is that they may not be able to help themselves because of their altered wiring, but that is a case of a medical problem, not a lack of respect. When I see the results of a lack of respect, it occurs in murder, in drastic harm from one person to another, and it is because people have lost control of their inhibitions, their emotions, that they lack respect for human life, for the safety of another person, for the wellbeing of someone else.

There is no, “I respect you but I will murder you” situation built into life. In murder, there is no respect from the murderer to the victim. They can pretend to have respect, they can think that they may be doing it for the greater good, but in intentional death, there is never really a greater good, a true greater good at least. Yes, I support police shooting and killing a hostage taker with a knife to the throat of someone else, but that is only if there is no other alternative to the action, and if every other avenue of possibility has been taken. As for true accidental death, well, the person who causes the death may have respect, but the accident has a way of changing that. The moment before a fatal crash, an occurrence that can not be prevented once it has been set in motion, yes, there may be respect, there may be terror, a whole range of things. At the precise moment of impact, though, of destruction, everything is changed, it always is.

To me, respect is an enabling factor in life, something which lets you do as you please, so long as you don’t betray, hurt or injure someone else. With respect for others, you can go about your job, you can live your life, and you can receive the services or benefits of others. If you are respectful of the sandwich counter girl, who may do a lesser job than you, but who cares, it is still important, then you ought to be served well. If you say please and thank you to people, if you are polite and act towards them with a nature of good intentioned faith, then you should get along fine.

Lack of respect, that is a different area. Without respect, other things drip away, pooling at the bottom of nothingness, good manners and well received actions falling away as does fat off a turkey falling into the bottom of the cooking dish. You can salvage what is left of the good stuff, the good manners, the meat juices, but there often is so large an imbalance of what can’t be saved, compared to what is. A person can be rescued from a lack of respect, yes, because sometimes it is simple, we simply forget to say thank you, or we are momentarily prideful of our earnings or position, and we are grounded soon after by actions received or moments thought through. The lack of respect I see most often though, yes, in murder, in that lack of, faith, of respect, of dignity, there is no resolve, no rescuing, no resurrection.

Respect, if given well and if not severely lacking, is an entirely beneficial thing. However, like most things, it can have a lacking in some people, an opposite and occasionally not entirely all too good nature or outcome. A large amount of respect, towards life, towards behaviour and society in general, it sees that people get along. Without it, the answer is complex, but simply explained. Without respect, people get hurt, they get injured, they get maimed, destroyed, killed. When respect causes death, there is no reversing the moment where it was lacking, and there is no reversing the act of murder itself, the act of, someone dying, somewhere, somehow, because of someone, something. Some damaging factors in life can be healed or helped to become better, a scratch, a break, graffiti, all can be remedied, put back together again or removed. Lack of respect, and death as a result of it, no, that can not be reversed, removed or remedied, no, not ever.
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