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15 April 2008 @ 11:30 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 226: Question 226  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 734

Name three things that you're looking forward to in the near future and why.

Family, friends, work and food. I know that’s four, but food naturally marries itself with everything in life, from dinners with family, to lunches with acquaintances and even just a quick sandwich grabbed at break time. A sandwich, snatched up, for instance, when you might be trying to stake out your ground to ward away the circling vultures of people who really just want to help autopsy the guy who swallowed all those keys. It is only three things, really, after all, if you don’t look at it very closely. Three things that build the foundation for who you are and how you lead and manage your life as you know it,

I am an only child of parents who moved away from their family at large, so having them, being family, was always important to me. I would work in the garage with my father, he would teach me about cars, about building little mechanical things. With my mother, I would cook, and we would learn from each other all the time. When I trained to become a Chef, they worried about me, when I became a Chef, they smiled, and my mother asked me for advice. When I became a Medical Examiner, they were proud of me, and a long time before that, when I married Marianne, they accepted her, accepted our decision. Then I had Marianne as family, I had Christopher and Michael, and things were good, so, so good.

In the years since the Twin Towers fell, I have relied on my friends more than I used to. Although this is not a significant amount more, being that I am quite a self reliant and self providing person, I am happy that I have had such support from people such as Mac and Stella, because it is nice, to have people who know, who understand what I have been through and how I now, want to lead my life. Mac especially, has been a very supportive friend, and I have tried my upmost to give back the same friendship in return. We are, after all, people who have had similar circumstances in relation to what we lost, and what we stood to lose if we fell apart after such departure. I am grateful that I have my friends by me, because they reminds me that I can be a better, a happier man, during the course of my life, not one just delegated to perusing monotony of sadness.

My work, well, it is related to my friends, sometimes even to my family depending on whether or not I can be somewhere, at a time when they ask me to be. As for my work, because I have, larger amounts of spare time than I once used to have, I work more than I used to, but I do not really mind because this is a voluntary choice. I would much rather be doing more shifts in the morgue than sitting home feeling sorry for myself. By no means that is what I do on my days off, no, not now, but if I spent the same amount of time home, now, than I had when I had had a wife and two children, well, the sheer loneliness of it all would drive me quite insane. Still though, I enjoy a balance between work and play, like any normal functioning person. It is a good thing that I enjoy my work, indeed it is, because I am willing to do it, always, such a noble and good doing thing it can be.

Family, friends, work and food. I look forward to these things a lot, amongst others, although I think I can slide sex into friends. Not work friends, of course not! But other friends, people outside work I am friendly with, maybe even to the point of intercourse. These three, four things, however you want to look at it, I am grateful for them. I have my family to support me, my friends to support me, as they have done, always, as well as since the attack on the Towers came into being. As for my work? Well my work, I love my work, I think it is important, and because of that, I do it, I have pride in it, in some way, I look forward to it, just like all the rest of my life, now I do.
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