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26 January 2008 @ 09:39 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 215: Question 215  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 803

Seduction. Have you ever seduced someone or has anyone ever seduced you?

The art of seduction, ah, one of the greater avenues of life to experience and to perform oneself. I say art because it is indeed that, something beautiful which usually, one must work hard at creating, even if this creation occurs, seemingly, with apparent ease. It is a play of words, of actions, emotions, of giving and taking so much so that the actions become seamless and needs no obvious direct thought or stimulus before it happens. To seduce, you have to know what kind of buttons to press in a particular person, and as it comes closer to being a more successful event, the knowledge has to be more intrinsic and specialised still. To seduce well, to seduce successfully, one can not just, go at it like a dog with a ball.

I care not to directly compare myself with Casanova, because that is an allusion many great lovers like to aspire to, not, exactly, be. During the course of my life I have seduced and cared for many women, men even. I have had a large number of one night stands, and a large number of more than one night stands. I am lucky though, in that I have been allowed to have a number of people wherever, whenever, because that swinging atmosphere, was also to the taste of my wife. You see, I am fortunate, compared to some who spend their whole life looking, to have found an ideal partner at a shockingly early age. I admit that myself, I was very young when I found good, true love, if you want to call it that. This hasn’t limited me, though, it has never limited my capacity to love other people, to seduce others, because I always knew that I had something special, already, and that, at the end of the day, that was all that mattered, that was all that would last, indefinitely, until the end.

How to seduce though? Buttons, always buttons. A person needs to realise what kind of person it is that they are trying to seduce at any given moment, because not all people are the same. To seduce a shy kind of person, perhaps, you watch them drink, or eat, and you want to talk to them. Perhaps there are overt signs that they like a dominant personality to take care of them, the way they respond to the waiter, to other things around them. Or perhaps they care for submission, like themselves, someone to feel similar to, close too. I am no professional psychologist, but seduction is a lot of psychology, a lot of matching things up, paying attention and acting on the information you have collected within your mind. And who knows, maybe going at it like a dog with a ball might work for some people you are trying to win over, because that is what rubs their fancy.

The thing is, to seduce, one thing must always be remembered. Every single person, every single person, whether in a town of twenty or a city of millions, is different. They will always be slightly different from the previous or the next person, even if they appear very, very similar indeed. Some things work for some types of people, and some things do not, and this will, most certainly, change in different situations, over time, or, even, just depending on the type of day the other person has had. Seduction, once you ease into it, once you pay attention and note down things, becomes easier and easier as time passes. It may be hard at times, but, looking back on my experiences, I have had just as many lovely nights, probably just a bit more, than I have had rejections. That is how life goes, and whether fail, succeed, or otherwise, it must go on. Of course, if you really piss someone off, man or woman, there’s always a chance to turn it around.

Whereas seduction with my wife was always easy, because we loved each other pretty much from the word go, sometimes it does takes time, and sometimes, you might have to try extra hard. I spilt a drink on a man’s girlfriend a couple of nights ago at a bar when a couple of sports hoons decided it would be fun to trip me up. Maybe it was the greying hair they didn’t exactly approve of, either way, I apologised to the girl, handed her, “man” a cloth, bought them some cheap drinks and chatted a little. We sat near each other, because the place was crowded, and I gave them deft little glances, judging them up and turning the conversation to where I thought it might be desired. Do you know what a threesome is like with an underwear model and a lawyer? Quite fun, I promise you.
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