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11 December 2007 @ 11:32 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 208: Question 208  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 644


Sid Hammerback was a tall, thin, wiry man with a built in stamina that could amaze most people. As he grew older his brown hair gradually gave way to more and more grey, but this only complimented his sharp blue eyes and the feeling that he gave over of some kind of bizarrely high intelligence. His hands were nimble and quick at the most dexterous of tasks, such as extracting glass fragments or finely dicing a carrot. He had not been a popular child at school, but as he grew older and learnt more about how to push and bull at the buttons, whims and desires of other people, as he learnt how to converse and be interesting, his personality became one of a man of good nature, with a certain streak of wickedness. He had been a Chef, and a good one at that, and while he still didn’t mind occupying the role every now and then, being a Medical Examiner was something that satisfied him immensely.

Marianne Hammerback was a flame haired vixen of a woman with enticing, glittering eyes, and a wardrobe that ranged from fetish wear to business suits. In her early years, her knowledge and her kindness had earned her the nickname of Queenie, a moniker which had fallen into certain disuse, but was remembered all the same. She met Sid at an early age, and married him when she was just slightly older. They matched each other because of their shared vibrant nature and because of their own, individual, rabid genius intelligences. She was a good woman, a hard working employee with a high profile within the business world, and eventually, she became a just as dedicated mother to two sons, two beautiful children.

Christopher Hammerback was the oldest of the couple’s two sons. He had the pale blue eyes and wavy brown hair of his father, and smiled earlier than expected. As he grew up, he showed off a brilliant intelligence and potential, already seeming to know when to play and when to work. He had a certain methodical nature about him, and enjoyed constructing things out of blocks and Lego. When he was old enough to manipulate small tools, Sid spent hours with him, together with his grandfather, building small electric cars. Knowing he was the second man in the house, he made a big deal out of helping make dinner and had a real love for dinosaur shaped pasta. Quickly dubbed Chris at an early age, he liked to make himself seem very astute, and would spend a lot of time helping his mother do the shopping and chose out clothing when his parents went out for the night and left him with either set of grandparents.

Michael Hammerback was the second born of the two Hammerback children, born when Chris was four years old, and soon after nicknamed Mike. While his eyes seemed like they would follow in line with his brother’s, and be blue, they ended up largely green, although some blue specks remained, and still shone through. Intelligent and gifted like his brother, he was a quieter child with a love for books and big words. He looked up to his brother and often desired to dress like him and follow him around, although they would fight like normal siblings, especially on the pronunciation of dinosaur names, like stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex. He liked to spend time with his mother at her desk, pretending to scribe out her conversations in crayon scribble on blank paper, and would make a big act of collecting them up and filing them away in the filing cabinet. He had the same high cheekbones as his mother and brother, and the same love of drawing and art.

Four people together always. Three removed, dead, but living on in memory, continually, perpetually, for as long as Sid lived.
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