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10 July 2006 @ 12:35 am
Theatrical Muse: Week 134: Question 134  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 504

What is the lamest excuse you've ever given for something you've done?

I’ve been with one lover in bed at a time, I’ve been in a threesome, a foursome, with five, six people at a time, and even in a fully blown orgy, where, honestly, I don’t know how many cleared people turned up. To explain cleared, I’ve always made the effort to lead a safe sexual life, at least, when it comes to STIs and other diseases.

I was with these two lovely young ladies one day. One was this buxom, platinum blonde who wore her hair in two pigtails, and the other was this vibrant red head with cute little freckles all over her face. Now, I was not working this day, and it was before I had children, but my wife, indeed, she was working. And these pretty young maidens, they wanted nothing else, but to be with me, so, I could not let them down, now, could I?

So we spent the day making love on every surface we could touch, and even some that required us to defy the laws of gravity, just a little bit. Only, a little bit. I’ve always been glad that my house has brick walls, and I was glad of that fact, on that particular day, because they came and screamed like banshees, I tell you that. It was beautiful, and tantalizingly exquisite lovemaking. And then, oh shit, my wife came home. You would think that I would think oh shit, right? You might think that I would not be very happy to have her catch me cheating on her, that she would be angry to discover me with two other women. That I would be forced to reap the harsh consequences? Ah, you may think that, but it was not so. Instead, instead of thinking oh shit, we arranged ourselves in my bed, propping up our bodies with pillows. The blonde was one my left, coincidently, sucking a lollypop, and the red head was on my right, resting her head on my chest. There was me, smack bang in the middle with a subtle, hinting smile on my face. The only thing covering us was a thin white sheet, perfectly arrange to just cover their nipples, but not to hide the size of their cleavage.

And then we waited. Oh, how we waited.

Marianne, she knew, just knew, that something was up, so she played one of the games that we liked to play, sometimes, on occasion. We played hide and seek, with her seeking, and, me, hiding, with bated breath. Then she found us! She waltzed into the bedroom and came upon us, a look of shock, and horror, covering her face. Not mock shock and horror, mind you, it was real live feelings that she painted all over her smooth, pretty face.

She called me a naughty boy. And I said it was her fault, which made her even angrier at me. Then, afterwards, we re-enacted my day, the only difference being, that, this time, she was included in it. It was great.
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