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05 November 2007 @ 03:45 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 203: Question 203  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 484


“Sometimes, I never understand how you get your hair like that.” Sid said, twirling his wife around by the fingertips, moving her like a ballerina in a music box as he examined her clothes, but really he had been referencing her hair, and its many bobby pins, twisting the normally relatively straight length of orange hair into a swirling mass of feather tips and ringlet curls. Sometimes it would be done into other styles, but always, however the hair was done up, it seemed endlessly fascinating and beautiful to him. Tonight, she had on a dress reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts, ala Alice in Wonderland, all red white and black satin, with red hearts. It was short in length, with many frilly layers so that the bottom puffed out, and there were no sleaves, only a modern day corset like construction which pushed up her breasts. There were fetish wear, shiny leather boots with a high, spiked heel, not that she wore such a thing often, and she carried a perfectly real and functioning whip.

“Only sometimes?” she retorted, finishing a layer of cherry red lipstick when he stopped moving her about. There was something just as attractive about him, even though his make of dress was more formal. Green dress pants and shirt, a blue bowtie sharply done up around his neck, his arms slipped into a yellow coloured jacket. There was the token green, larger than life top hat with a 10/6 label stuck into the outer band, and he was, of course, the Mad Hatter, with his Queenie, his Queen.

Gently, they picked up sculpted masks on sticks, decorate with paint and glitter, and made their way to the front door, out of their home, on the way to the masquerade party. Sid smiled as they walked, because they were going to show off for a while before catching the train to near where the masquerade ball would be. She carried a small purse and he had a shoulder bag slung over one jacketed shoulder.

Remembering her question, which had been left unanswered earlier as had kissed and made finally adjustments to their costumes, he bent close to her as they walked, a cheeky smile painting his face with a rosy and amused appearance.

“Only sometimes, my dear thing, because sometimes so intrigued am I, that I watch you through the open door, and while watching you put up your hair, it occasionally makes sense to me, as to how you do it.” Sid said, stepping away from Marianne as he swept his hair back with one hand and donned his hat. They carried their masks still, grasping them in their hands as they caught and left the train, then walked some more, finally holding them to their faces when they arrived at the location where the event was, and a fun and most interesting night was had by all.
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