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29 October 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 202: Question 202  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 782

If life's a game who do you think is winning?

A game? Oh, life is much more than a game, full of wonderful things that may not be able to be fully explained at all. Life is full of sunny days, strolls in the park, the peak of moments and desires, that, satiated, culminate in such a perfect sensation of unselfish gratification. Berry ice cream when that is just what you felt like, the lick up the side of your neck and the promise of more, when all you needed was release. Life is just that, it is growth, and whether life, at any given moment, is spectacular or horrid, it always has the potential to be great.

A person may think that just because I work with death most often, that it may affect my outlook on things, such as abortion, suicide, assisted death, those things where dying comes to the foremost point. Would dealing with death every working day, and sometimes, out of work, affect my way to handle it when I am not working? The thing is, I am the type of man who long ago made my decisions on how I would like to regard certain issues in life. I support abortion, I believe in assisted suicide under extremely relevant medical circumstances, and as for the other kind of suicide, the killing intentionally of one’s self, well. I believe that there are different alternatives to suicide, there is counselling, there is all that, because while life may be a game, and no one is always a winner, there are caring people out there, who don’t care who and what you are to anyone else.

These decisions have not changed since I came to a conclusion on them, which really was a culmination of parts of life itself, not a particular moment in life where I made snap choices on how I consider things. Therefore, many of the decisions I make about life, have not changed over time. That being said, I may be persuaded over the years over miscellaneous things, choosing a new brand of equipment, a new knife, when the old ones are no longer relevant or functional. I can see the need for change in areas like that, because change is necessary to facilitate the continuation of life as it is. Hell, I change shampoo every few months because there’s always something out there that smells better, that smells more like what reminds me of sex. But deep, personal issues, they do not change as fluently, if ever, because that is what they are. Personal issues, issues considered by a person and that have a decision made about them, they are deep seated beliefs that are different according to the individual who holds them. People change, yes, but it doesn’t always mean that everything within them does.

I don’t consider life a game in that it is a race where actions and decisions must be completed at the exact appropriate time when you are at a certain period within the whole length of the duration. Games, take Monopoly, set goals, and yes, life is like that, because we set goals and try to achieve them, but unlike a game, where there is a precise starting and ending point to the event, life is so much more. Yes, there is that point of start, at birth, and that end, at death, but the length between the two is so long, hopefully, and so full of a multitude of different experiences, people, events, actions, words, places and objects, that it can barely be compared to a colourful board with little pieces to be moved around it. Life can be played like a game, certain moves can be executed at a time where they are going to be most beneficial, but it is so much more complex than that. Life can be like a game, but that does not make it a game.

No one needs to win at life, because how would we consider the winner? Is the oldest person the winner, the richest who knows not the meaning of normality, or would it be the lower middle class working guy who knows the meaning of a dollar? In life, the fact is, the honest and truthful fact, is that we win when we succeed, and even when we fail, simply because we are people, and we are wonderful creatures. In the end, we all die, so we might as well make the most of what we have, and what we have left, without worrying all the time about being on that particular square of wherever, by a particular whenever point in time. Keep appointments, yes, of course, but really, don’t stress. In the end, all is good.
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