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08 October 2007 @ 10:05 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 199: Question 199  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 493

You've woken up as the opposite sex this morning... now what?

If you are asking if I have every worn woman’s clothing, then the answer is yes, yes I have. It is not a habit of mine to cross dress or do drag, but in the past I have indeed, done both, for the blatant reason that really, it can be fun. Having no desire to be the opposite sex though, at the times it happened, it was for fun, for living life to the fullest, and once, if I remember correctly, for charity.

There are some people who are very in touch with the world and its currents, without being fashionistas, paparazzi, celebrities or Wall Street workers. Sid was such a man, so long had he lived in New York City, he had come to well know so many of its ins and outs, its people, its deviations and inclinations. While not of celebrity status, within the circles he chose to occupy, he knew people, and people knew him, and it became generally accepted that he and his wife were a nice, good, well intentioned couple. When they had children, there were many visitors to see the new babies when they each arrived, many friends to talk to, to laugh with, and to receive congratulations from.

Lifting his arms up, the man gave a silent nod and the man behind him, already dressed, pulled hard on two corset strings, and the space within which he could breathe, shrunk some. Makeup was applied, striking, bright, evident, there was glitter, there was a wig, there was the rest of the costume. His brownish hair was tucked away under a mountain of pale blonde curls, his blue eyes traced with black, painted with yellow and dotted with sparkling silver. The heeled boots were put on, zipped up, and he walked in a procession of other men, all the feathered tails bobbing, all the feathered fans held in hands, waiting to be waved and shaken.

From the wings, Marianne watched him, examined the fishnet stockings, the corset, the decided lack of much pants at all. She watched him and then disappeared off to take her seat, away to raise cheers, raise support for what it was they were dancing for. The music started once they were on stage, and the announcement of their arrival had been made, to raucous cheers and wolf whistles. A loud number started, a heavy beat, fast words, almost unable to be deciphered, and the drag queens were off, dancing, twirling, mouthing the song, bending, snapping, cancan kicking high in the air, triumphant and glorious. Something more sultry came on, and the tails were ripped off, thrown to the crowd and something more provocative began as donations were collected. People were there, and Sid, danced, he, danced so well, and he was happy, because it was fun, it was something different and exhilarating, and so, so, worth it, because the warping and moulding of all things sexual was, really, one of his specialities.
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