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19 July 2007 @ 06:30 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 187: Question 187  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 862

Which is the more exquisite sensation: revenge, relief, or vindication?

Relief, I mean, revenge is fun and all, as long as no one gets hurt and it isn’t really serious, but so often it can lead to people being hurt in some way that I find it, really, almost quite pointless. Vindication comes in a near second, because I myself, have been accused and cleared of accusation, and have also defended other people from opposition. I am a criminalist after all, it is my job to help accuse, defend or vindicate the accused through what I discover in terms of evidence and autopsy results. Talking about exquisite sensations, though, while I do get a fair amount of satisfaction from a good piece of vindication, in the defensive or acquitting sense, I far more, on a personal level, enjoy relief, in all its variations and occurring forms.

Relief, the removing of pain or distress through alleviating or removing what caused the problem in the first place. In thinking about relief, it does occur that there are many forms of relief in response to many variations of problems. First off, as it may occur to most, “normal”, people, there is medical relief. In this I mean, removing pain, resolving diseases and problems in general, through medical treatment such as consultation, operation and medication. Doctors provide relief by doing their profession, so that people can be treated and can feel better. I have been a medical Doctor for a long time now, and while live patients are no longer a regular part of my life, it was necessary for me to once provide relief to the living. This was done so I could continue my learning, and eventually turn my hands to other, now present and immediate tasks, and my current profession of being a Medical Examiner.

Now, when I think about it, being a Medical Examiner, in my world of experiences, is a profession which brings, yet another kind of relief to people, to others. While I do not treat the living and soon see evidence of results of improvement anymore, I can still be a relieving factor in another person’s life. In my current job, I process, examine and collect evidence off the deceased. Whether by murder or natural causes, when an autopsy occurs and this happens, when there is a crime to solve, the normal processes are followed. Eventually, we get to the point where, hopefully, all things have gone well and we have solved whatever mystery such a particular case presents to our CSIs and other forensic specialists.

During the course of the investigation into a crime or event, after or even before the autopsy, on my side of things, if contact can be made, I am usually around or aware of when the parents or other pertinent relations of the deceased come in. This would be to identify the body, or just to see it, of course. If I am the one who has performed the autopsy, or would be the one to do it, then I may be called upon to oversee the event. In the end, when the case is closed, and these relations, familial or friends, or whoever it ends up to, there is so often relief in knowing that there has been a resolution to the whole grisly affair.

Now, medical relief aside, and the form of relief gained after a traumatic event such as a murder, has been solved, there is one more variation of relief that I wish to discuss. That indulgence in predilections, in desires, wants, needs, inclinations, without a doubt, and without much talk sometimes even needed on it at all, sexual relief is indeed the one of the very best kinds of relief there is. That is partially why I know that relief is the most exquisite sensation that a person can have. Sex is fun, because, under normal circumstances, or even as a one night stand, it is an act intentioned for pleasure, however that pleasure comes about.

Whether it is your mistress, your lover, or someone in a bar with nice breasts, however a person gets sexual relief, as long as it doesn’t break any laws, is most often a good thing to do. Psychological effects of one night stands and cheating aside, sex is good. It raises and titillates brilliant reactions within the body, of action and reaction, and if it is so, then we get relief, through satisfaction of wants and desires, resultantly occurring in climax, in glorious relief.

The very essence is, that relief, whether medical in curing, mental in reassurance, or sexual in release, it is a good thing. We remove, by way or taking away or alleviating, our distress or pain, in order to make ourselves feel better, somehow, in some way. In death we reassure others that there is hope, and that things will be ok. In sickness, we seek treatments or medicines to cure our ailments and our problems. In sex, we seek release to give relief to our pent up desires and passions. People may want revenge, people may need vindication, but as far as I consider it, in so many aspects and walks of life, they need relief, the most.
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