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28 June 2007 @ 10:47 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 184: Question 184  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 1076

Curt: We set out to change the world and ending up… just changing ourselves.
Arthur: What's wrong with that?
Curt: Nothing! … If you don't look at the world.
(Todd Haynes, Velvet Goldmine)

People who aim to change the world, environmentalists, political activists, human rights activists, animal activists, and so on and so forth, are often laughed at by others not like them. In seeking to change the world, in seeking to change the direction of some of the millions into billions of people, they, as one single person, as one group of people, seem foolish in the eyes of some others who chose to take such a derelict view on life. I myself am not a political, environmental or animal activist, not in the extremes, but still, I have done my own personal round of rallies, and I may or may not have one stood naked during winter time holding a picket sign. I am, however, not an activist in the strengths and ways that some other people I know, are. It is not that I am not concerned, because I am, about rights and frivolities and preservation, but I have my life, my work, I had, a wife and children, and in between the years, wife, children and now mainly work, have taken up, and take up, a large portion of my time. So, perhaps, I am a silent supporter of causes, of growing trees and preserving species and of not wearing fur.

People who laugh at me, who make fun of the aims of the people who are out there, as individuals, as small groups, trying to change the world, are the bigger fools themselves. I am humble enough to admit that I will not change the world by myself, but I know people, I know of people, who just might, and am aware of some, who have. Personally, when I look back at history as I am fond of doing, there is a physics style relation to change within our world, whether it creates a new acceptance, or a new way of looking at certain things, certain people. Once you get enough force behind it, women supporting their right to vote, people supporting the end of segregation, police corruption, gay marriage and gay rights, the ball does indeed get moving and things do indeed change.

Somewhere, somehow, though, some person or people have to start creating that ball, though, and once they come together with others like them, then it grows bigger, it moves faster and things start to change for the better. You can’t laugh at the idea of one person, one very insignificant group of people, for trying to change the world. You can’t laugh at these people, because while it does take a larger group to support the cause for change, to make it happen, it only takes one person, one tiny, tiny group, to make something move in the first place. Sometimes, that’s all that needs to happen, someone, just has to make something move.

I listen and re-listen to conversations about politics and animals and the environment, over and over again as they are re-worded and re-formed by other people, by politicians, by new groups trying to do new things. It is true, that sometimes we try to change the world, and end up only changing ourselves, but the opposite is also truthful. If we try to change the world, and only change ourselves, then, because we have changed, then perhaps the world has changed also. However, if we try to change ourselves, and end up changing the world, well, then, the same thing has been achieved, only on a larger strength, as it may seem!

People need to change to continue, that is a fact long learnt by ancient people trying out improved tools for the first time, by whoever first thought to utilise fire. We need to continually develop ourselves and our thoughts to make a better life to lead. While some things can stay the same, always, using capitals at the start of sentences, Christmas on the 25th of December, things like computers and music, and fashion, they continue to change, always. New ideas, new technologies, improve or hinder our lives, we look, we discover, we sometimes get sick and then we develop new medicine to fix ourselves. We try to change the world, with all the things we create, and sometimes, it works! Sometimes, we create something and it is so new, so fantastic, that it changes the way we think about, whatever it was, forever. Sometimes it doesn’t, but it is only through our failures and our coupling of knowledge, that we are given any future successes, or so I think.

When I pass a rally, if I support the cause, and have the spare time, if I feel it is right, I am just as likely to join it as I am not. I agree, that sometimes, trying to change the world, is too high a peak to climb, and that in the end, self change is more ideal. That, however, does not mean that the statement is not always false, because some people, can change the world, and I’ve seen it happen. It is up to the person, though, that tiny group, to see whether their ball gets rolling, or whether in the end, there are just more people like them, who have changed because of them and their ideas. Who knows, one day people who only ended up changing themselves when they tried to change the Earth, might change the world, after all, someday, somewhere, somehow. It’s a possibility that I’d like to believe in.

Very blatantly, I do think that change is necessary for continued life. Whether the change is good, or bad, whether it fails or succeeds to make us better, is all up to the individual and how they move through the situation that may cause within them, something to become different. I had to change myself after my wife and children were gone, I had to force myself to become better, to recover after all the loss and tearing up I went through. In the end, while the world has not achieved a cataclysmic revelation of better living because of my continued life, in my small section of the Earth and of the universe, I am still here, I am still alive, and I am grateful for this. I so suspect, grateful for my continued living, also are my parents, my friends, and my co-workers, as well as the woman I will be entertaining at dinner tonight, whether she knows it or not right at this very moment.
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