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12 June 2009 @ 04:47 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 286: Question 286  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 540

Under what circumstances, if any, is it ok to break the law?

“Have you ever broken the law, Sid?”

Mac’s tone was conversational, his left hand grasped around a steaming cup of coffee, the other with fingers pressed against a particular article in a newspaper, where his name had gotten a mention. When the CSI spoke, the Medical Examiner looked up from a fine examination of his own lunch and quirked one eyebrow down, the other flying upwards towards an imaginary heaven. Briefly proud of this feat of facial muscle mastery, he momentarily lost concentration and spent several seconds assuming some degree of a dazzled expression.

“Sid?” Mac pressed on further, catching the arrangement of the other man’s face and letting a small amused smile tug at the edges of his lips.

“Why do you ask?” the ME replied, smiling himself, amused, placing more bait on the hook as it were. As if Mac didn’t know about some of the things he had done, seen, experienced.

“Just curious.”


“Yes.” Mac said, drinking from his coffee cup, replacing it on the table, staring intently at his lunchtime.

Ah, so it was a game.

The eyebrows lowered themselves, the look of a storyteller replaced one of befuddled amusement.

“I suppose, without mentioning acts of sexual deviancy and exploration.” Sid said, pausing and rolling his shoulders in a shrug.

“I stole a packet of gum when I was eight. I do remember partaking in creating the absence of a window one time.” he continued, smiling at the CSI’s blank stare.

“We were rescuing puppies.” the greying man said, shrugging once more, pushing his glasses up his nose with one free finger.

Mac blew air through his teeth, an unusual motion for someone normally so reserved. He finished his coffee with a final swig, grimacing slightly as all the finely granulated sediment of leftover beans ran down his throat.

“I broke a couple of windows, I suppose. Hawkes told me of some of your stories Sid, I’ve already heard many of them.”

There it was, conversation finished.

The men turned the topic at hand onto work after that, work, and papers, and cases, politics, future things to do, to deal with. Not the breaking of laws, the enforcing of them, the following of them, the interpretation of them. What Sid was going to do with the bloated water laden victim whose smell was beginning to permeate up from the morgue, or so several lab workers said.

If only he knew, though, if only he knew all the indecent things he had done. What would Mac think of him then? Having flouted so many laws, not harming anyone, never, but always in the name of love.

Acrobatic artistry near articulated skeletons,
Coitus conducted underneath cakes stalls,
Gyrations given near tubs full of gelatin,
Maverick mastery of womanly downfall

Sexy seduction carried through on the stairway,
Threesomes thriving with thrill and thunder,
Mile high ministrations all on the airway,
Foursomes then fivesomes then orgies and all

Exploits endured on a library trolley,
Breaking barriers to bang on the walls,
Holiday mischief under high priced pink holly,
Doors deftly unlocked to let deviants past

Insensitive idling of leather and whips,
Hiding hurriedly while naked and bare,
Lovers loving through locked living lips,
Remember, remember, the absence still there?
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