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18 June 2006 @ 02:40 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 131: Question 131  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 603

What is your favourite retreat from the world?

I’m not much of a holiday person, to be honest. I may have been, once upon a sometime far away in the past, but, really, now, I am not. Too many memories, too many things to remind me of what I once had. And besides, I’m content here in dear old New York City, it has everything a man like me needs, and more, which keeps me perfectly content.

Holiday hideaways aside, there are plenty of places here that I like to go to, in order to escape from the world. There are several bars and dance clubs, or the restaurant that I used to work at, and who hires me back occasionally to do a bit of guest Chef work. There, I am held in high respects, because my culinary talents are quite renowned, and most definitely respected, which pleases me, because it gives me quite a few chances to enjoy myself. Yes, I do not want to go back to that occupation full time, but the fact that their arms are always open at that place, makes me happy.

Though, when I want a hideaway in the true sense, I go to bookshops or dance studios. I like the ones that look closed, but really, they are experiencing a time where only loyal customers are hanging around. They are our hideaways, and we are the quieter ones, the more lonesome ones, who are willing to be there when they are operating in full swing, but are also privileged enough to be there when they seem to be asleep. I like these places, because, when I go to them at such a time, I can sit, or stand, or move, and think, while I experience a quietness that is both disturbing and comforting, in certain, unusual levels. They give me somewhere quiet to go, where I can concentrate on something, an activity, that I like to do, and, in doing so, forget some of the more unsettling parts of my past.

I enjoy life, really, I do. I always have, even though I have the extra knowledge that I am different, very different, from the average person. I went to a private school as a child, and even there, I was both inside the box, and outside of it, looking in on my fellow peers, as well as superiors and inferiors, and seeing a side of them that they were trying to hide. With a lot of people, even the geeks, I didn’t match in, and was, for the most part, resigned to the part of a loser who got beat up as he walked away from school.

They say that this city can swallow you whole and never, ever release you. That is true, but, in having that happen to me, I have discovered that such an experience is not all bad. I’m always meeting new people, and having new experiences, and even though I may never escape here, and go to retire in a nice old people’s village in Florida, I’m happy. Besides, old people who live in villages, frankly, are people who I find boring, and even though at my age, I could be considered old, with my brain and my way of life, I’m not calling myself that kind of old just yet. Sure, I am not young, and yes, I am old, but I’m not one of those old village type people. Such a thing is precisely why I still like to be referred to as Sid Hammerback, the Doctor, or the Chef, whichever one picks a person’s fancy, because, after all, that is who I am.
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