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05 February 2007 @ 07:47 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 164: Question 164  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 855

What are you waiting for?

Sex? Love? Romance? A way out, in, around? My bills perhaps, or a very interesting book a friend has promised to mail me from Las Vegas. While some people, as they are, may chose to debate this, life can sometimes be entirely all about waiting for someone, or something, or another thing, to come, go, or happen. We wait to go home, we wait to leave home, to gain or lose independence or responsibilities or places to be at. We are a myriad people, of thousands upon thousands of individual thought processes, wants, desires and needs. What we wait for, between person to person, can be the same, or it can be wildly different, it all depends on who we are and what point of being we are at the time we begin to wait for something.

At this point, we bring about a secondary argument, of whether it is best, in the concerned situation, to wait passively, or actively. Do we wait for something to come to us, do we have patience and completeness about us, or do we stand up, and begin actively working towards something. It’s very much a talk of whether, for example, we go over to get the five dollars someone owes us, or do we wait for them to come to us. Sometimes, the action taken is the incorrect course to take for the situation, but we are human, at least, and we learn from our mistakes, a lot of the time.

When I was young, before I met my wife, I desired, I waited for, things such as treats, or the next edition of a comic book to come out. I waited for school to be over, and the holidays to come, for my assignment to be handed in and my grades to come back. I waited to go to the movies, to the park, out for dinner, or for a swim. Basic things, childhood things, were what I waited for. Over time, this changed, and I waited for love, for discoveries, conquests, more knowledge to put upon already complicated knowledge. When I met my wife, I eventually waited to get married, and then, we did that and we had, oh, we had the rest of our lives together. We waited for children, because we were content in having ourselves, just to ourselves, for a while, and what adventures we had during that time, and even after our sons were born.

On that day, I waited for them to come home, the moment they left the driveway. I waited for them to arrive home and tell me of their day, of all the things they had done and all the trouble they had caused. It still causes me pain, yes, to talk about it, but I waited, I did, I waited for them to come home, to be safe, to be within my sights again. Obviously, such a thing, did not happen.

Now, however, left alone as I have been, I am set to wait for different things to happen. Because I can not stop and leave myself empty of love and romance, I wait, patiently, for the next tender moment to come about. I wait to go to work in the morning sometimes, because I think my work is a good service to the community, they I ought to provide with the best of my ability. If I am invited out to dinner, or out to work at a restaurant, I may wait for that, with excitement, if I so desire. I confess, I also wait for those superhero movies, because they remind me of a time in my life where those characters were some of my sole confidants.

What I wait for has changed over time. Sometimes, I have waited patiently, passively, and other times, in lieu of many things, such as romance, excitement, or just because of mere impatience, I have waited actively, aggressively, acting or tearing at something until I have achieved it, or gotten so close to it, that is has come within my grasp. While this is debatable with some people, especially those, such as the families of victims, who have suffered a great tragedy, who feel something needs to be solves with increased haste, I do not mind waiting. Of course, I know what it is like to be a victim, to have great impatience, to want something to be achieved at that moment, and not later, but years later, that has worn away and I am resigned, but not defeated, to my fate of being where I am, alone. The simple thing is, that waiting is a part of life, as intricately woven into the well oiled functioning of society as politeness and holding the door open for an old lady, who, incidentally, then flashed me her bloomers. The sole fact, though, is that sometimes we must wait, ands however we go about it, passively, aggressively, actively, or, without action, hopefully, we may, in time, get what we are waiting for, as long as, of course, it doesn’t really break any laws in the eventuation of it coming into place.
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