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15 January 2007 @ 05:27 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 161: Question 161  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 357

The Morning After.

The morning after Christopher was born, he awoke beside his wife in her hospital bed, his body, still thin and wiry as it had been in his youth, flattened against the raised rails of the bed. Marianne, still asleep, occupied most of the mattress, as she should have, and the small rickety hospital camp bed down below, lay empty behind him. Their hands lay between them, fingers intertwined and gripped together, symbolic, perhaps, of two new parents fearful and exuberantly excited in their fervent attachment to a newly born human being. He was glad he was where he was, and that he had a son who was ok, because things might have been different.

The morning after Michael was born, he opened his eyes, staring around a different room, taking in a new experience. It had been different that time, the experience held a sense of familiarity about it, there had been less complications, and this was a room, no, not at a hospital, but a birthing centre. It smelled more homely this time around, and less of disinfectant and mass produced food on trays with little slots for the mashed potato. Their hands had found their way together, this time, also, and there was that pure sense of joy and happiness replete.

The morning after two planes crashed into the Twin Towers, the morning after hell was enacted in a play on Earth, complete with fire, death and debris raining from the skies, he ran to help. Pretty much a whole day had passed since the event, but it wasn’t that he had been lazy or ignorant of the events. He knew, he had known, when they had passed on, had felt it within his bones, and a day had gone by, pretty much a whole day, before he went out of the house, went to fight and help and aid, simply because, the whole day previous, he had known they were gone. Yet, the morning after, he sat, hoping an intuition built on decades of prior experience, was for once, wrong, and that, for the first time, he wouldn’t have lost her, lost them, completely.
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