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07 December 2006 @ 10:47 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 155: Question 155  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 364

Sid Hammerback Vs. The Swing; It's war! Describe yourself fighting against The Swing.

He eyed the hook recently inserted into the surface above. He hung up the swing, and contemplated it and its implied deviancy. There was a moment of artful watching at a creation that was not quite his own, but would nonetheless induce itself into his memories and his fond moments. Sitting down on it, he adjusted himself and swung back and forth, feeling slightly weightless as he moved through the silent air of the bedroom, feet just off the ground. Discarded tools of both electric and manual operation requirements sat on the floor, momentarily discarded as the taskmaster of the day tumbled over his achievement within his mind.

Getting up, he packed his equipment away and set off out of the house to construct a fine evening ahead of himself. He bought roses, discovered oysters, smiled broadly at the people he knew well, who could read his mind and know what he planned to do later on in the day. He was comfortable in his own skin, he moved with ease, and all was good. Younger than he would be one day, in times ahead, his step even was joyous in motion, and he skipped unexpectedly when he got home, a brief jump and a landing from the floor to the step above him, the ones that led upstairs, to his bedroom, to the swing and the war of lovers that would soon, within time given, inevitably begin for him.

Through the closed bedroom door his wife’s voice sounded, and he could almost imagine her face pressed to the wood, her eyes swivelled towards it as if they could see through the thick obstruction and divulge the secrets that it hid.

“Are we trying out a new toy tonight, Sid?” she spoke, and the question was innocent, but there was that implicit knowing and kindliness that she voiced her query with, the familiarity that he loved, and the boundless unknown area open for future exploration.

He nodded to himself, but did not answer, preferring to tease her instead and not let her inside to view what he had in store. Let the war begin, yes, let it begin with upmost urgency and innermost joy.
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