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18 June 2006 @ 02:27 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 129: Question 129  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 817

When I awoke the next morning...

He hadn’t slept.

He had barely slept.

Had he slept?

Ok, just a little bit. But no less than five minutes, and definitely no more than an hour, or, probably, half an hour.

Sid Hammerback sped through the morning’s tasks. He put toast on, got dressed, put the toast on again, because it hadn’t cooked just enough, brushed his teeth and burnt the toast. Eating it with a mild lashing of butter, he ran upstairs, grabbed his keys, and a bag packed with sundry items such as his wallet, two bottles of water and a fresh change of clothes, and skipped down the stairs to the lower level of his house at about two steps at a time. Grabbing his mobile phone from the charger in the kitchen, he raced out the front door.

It was moments before the hurrying man was back through the front door again, and, locking it behind him, he dropped the paper onto the kitchen table and sighed as he turned to the home phone attached to the wall. They’d had to get one put up high, because Michael had a habit of chewing on pretty looking cords.

Michael, oh God.

The man’s thoughts were running at a hundred miles an hour by then and he took a moment to take a deep breath and look at the newspaper.

The New York Times


That made sense, of course it made sense. She had gone to work early the previous day, on September 11th. Their sons had been excited by the prospect of getting to help Mommy at work in a big tall building. Christopher, who was eight, was fearless, and this rubbed off on his brother Michael, who was four, because little Mike looked up to big Chris. They had been up at six in the morning and were gone by half past. He had been woken up, along with his wife, at the same time, and had helped get them dressed and organised, and had waved them out the door, watching through the front window as they headed out to the car. He had kissed them both, hugged them and held them, and had an especially long kiss and hold and hug with Marianne, which made the two little boys screw up their faces in disgust. Chuckling, they had all waved goodbye.

He was beginning to think that had been the last time he would ever wave them goodbye.

Picking up the phone, Hammerback called the number of the one man he felt could help most. Jim the policeman, and long time friend, probably could have helped more in terms of manpower, but he wasn’t too bothered with that.

The phone picked up, and no voice spoke, but he could definitely hear the commotion on the other end.

Eventually though.

“Detective Mac Taylor speaking.”

The Chef let himself pause, and take a deep breath.

“Hey Mac.”

He paused again, and held back a grimace as he heard the man on the other end sigh. Not because he was fed up with him, but because he knew what was coming. Sid also knew, that he was probably worried too.

“I’ve waited pretty much twenty four hours for them Mac, but Marianne hasn’t come home, and she had Christopher and Michael with her.”

“Claire hasn’t either.” the other man said, and there was more silence.

“I’ll be down with the firehouse when I can get through the traffic, but...”

He was interrupted by the Detective.

“If I could put the word out now, it would be appreciated. I know Sid, I know.” the man said, worry creeping into his voice at the sides.

Even more silence.

“I’ll see you there Mac.” Hammerback said, and put down the phone. A million, no, probably, a billion, emotions tearing at what suddenly seemed like such a fragile heart, he unsuccessfully tried to clear his head, and went and took a very restless, ten minute nap. Grabbing more food, and putting it into his bag, the man was, promptly, racing out the door again, and into a reality that seemed so much like the ultimate oblivion. It was too early to give up hope, and yet, in his deepest of heartfelt feelings, he knew that it was already, too late for them all. Marianne, Christopher, Michael and Claire, he knew, just knew, that it was too late for them to even be safe.

But, it was just too early to give up hope, because really, at a time like that, it was all that he had to cling onto.

Fulfilling their respective duties, the Detective and the Chef who was a volunteer fireman, and had been for a long time, kept checking in with each other, and many other people, throughout the day.

And there was nothing.
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