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13 March 2009 @ 04:26 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 272: Question 272  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 625

Do you have any pets? Would you like some (more)? Why/why not?

Although I do not have one now, I have had various pets throughout my life, and have been close friends with, probably, just as many. For those who may have not been to New York City, imagine the number of people it contains. Without going into trivial specifics, it is indeed a very large number, a terribly large number of people from different backgrounds, preferences, cultures and schools of thought. Now, think of how many people within New York City are likely to own one pet or more, think of all the pet stores, competitions and pet shows that are within this fair city. Without trying to consider it from a purely economical standpoint, pet ownership perpetuates all this industry, and all this industry perpetuates yet more and more pet ownership. While I believe in things in moderation, in not having a home overrun with animals, nor spending all your hard earned money on them, not abusing or mistreating them, pets do make people happy.

When I consider my past animal ownership, I think of it fondly, because the dogs, the cats, even the fish that I have owned, have all made me happy in one way or another. Looking back on the multitude of experiences, I have ridden the ride that all pet owners ride, many times by now, yes indeed. I have, in my continued ownership of animals, fed and cared for them with all my heart, yet just as equally I have seen every single one of them die, because time moves on, it must, and cats and dogs do not live anywhere near as long as we do. They perpetuate their cuteness, their undying love, affection and wry gratitude, but eventually, like so many other things, they must be let go when their age and their pain, get too much for any reasonable person to let continue.

The first dog I owned was thin, wiry, black and white greyhound mutt. It was thin as all greyhounds tend to be, but it was never quite like a greyhound in nose or tail or eyes. Perhaps that is just my mind distorting the memory, though, because I treasured that dog very much, and it always seemed super to me, on a heroic, wonderful scale. Jenna was adopted from the pound, I think, when I was about three years old, so we grew up together, dog and owner boy. The terrific nature of her was that she knew the city, in the end, as well as I did, and went under many various names and affections to garner leftovers from the deli or meat from the butcher, lovely memories like that, rare nowadays in occurrence as we wrap ourselves tighter in rules and reservations.

Yes, my first dog was a wonderful experience of animal ownership. Old as she was by the time I met Marianne, that dog loved my future wife selflessly as we two people would grow to love one another in the future. I miss them both, very much. I do not own a pet nowadays, because I am content with being alone, as I am, living life without the people that would have filled by house, alongside any other animals that we as a family, had chosen to own. No, I do not own any pets now, but I may choose to do so in the future, a cat or a dog for companionship, a bird for song, a fish to watch, maybe that will come, in its own due time. Now, however? Now, I am alright to be without pets, because I have known the joy of having them, have experienced each anima’s peculiar traits and preferences, and, it is ok to be without that for a while, I think.
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