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04 June 2008 @ 04:16 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 233: Question 233  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 670

Surprise! Your mother/a priest/an arch nemesis/the tax man/dinosaurs/your ex/a famous talk show host is at the door -- and at a most inopportune moment! Now what?!

“Coming!” Sid said, and the shout came out more garbled than intended, because he had just spat out a mouthful of toothpaste into the bathroom sink, and was trying to rid his mouth of the taste of mass produced mint flavouring. Rinsing his mouth out with water, he tugged on the nightshirt he had just abandoned in favour of getting ready to face the day, and ambled quickly down the stairs and over to the front door. All his actions felt like they were done with a certain numbness, because, really, he was just going through the motions, just waiting for things to sort themselves out, and feel right again. He knew, it would take time, there was nothing he could do about it, but it still didn’t stop him from feeling pain, numbness, sadness, insanity.

Opening the door, the tired, slightly bedraggled man met a face that took him a few moments to recognise, especially as he had been expecting to see a police uniform, a fireman’s uniform, anything, really, involved with the law, and not, religion. As such, he looked quizzically at the Priest for a few seconds, studying his black shirt and the white section in the middle of his collar, before he looked upwards to the face smiling benevolently at him, and smiled slightly in immediate recognition.

“Puddles.” he said, and the two feel into a welcome hug, with faint traces of awkwardness and relief. He was still in a pair of boxers and a nightshirt, after all, and probably smelled faintly of toothpaste. Welcoming the Priest in, Hammerback directed him to the kitchen with a smile, and indicated that he would go and make himself a bit more presentable for the day, and for his friend, for his visitor.

Having brushed his teeth and dressed, the man appeared down the stairs a couple of minutes later in fresh, albeit, somewhat crumpled clothing, just as the other man set two cups of coffee down on a small table in the living room. He himself, didn’t have anywhere to be that day, so it didn’t really matter all that much, even if he might have to change later, if he was going to go outside.

Stephen Puddles had been a good friend in school, when bullies were many and real friends were a handful of people with similar interests and tastes, connections and intentions. While they did not spend as much time together anymore, leading different lives in different parts of the city, they had met for coffee or lunch, or even a walk, every now and then, and were still quite familiar with the goings on of each other’s lives.

“Your mother rung me Sid. I thought, it might be a good thing to come over, see how you were doing.” the Priest said, voice gentle with an underlying tone of comfort to it. They were sitting on the couch now.

Moving his eyes, from staring at the coffee in the cup, and turning his head to the right, to face the other man, Hammerback tried to smile, and failed, as small, fresh tears rolled down his cheeks, obscuring the framed children’s drawings hung on the wall, and the pair of roller-skates cast recklessly near the stairs.

“I feel empty. Not, forever empty, Puddles, but, for now empty.” the man said, quietly, his voice catching and choking as the tears burned his eyes and stained his vision. He couldn’t help it, he was sad, he was lonely, he was, he had been, left to face the world without the only woman he ever loved, without his own two children, and he knew it.

Moments later, he felt the Priest’s arm around his shoulders, and a mere whisper of “It will be ok.”

It was comforting. He, was comforted, and that, was one of the only things that seemed to matter in a mere moment, amongst a group of a thousand memories, both tragic, and, happy. He missed Marianne and the boys. He always would, miss them.
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