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09 May 2008 @ 11:59 am
Theatrical Muse: Week 229: Question 229  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 1410

If you could get anyone drunk, who would it be and what would you do?

I have been terribly drunk a handful of times in my life, but by no means am I an alcoholic, and, really, during those times I didn’t break the law, that much. I mean, I fell down some steps onetime, and a time before that, I , broke, well, snuck into a university library and had sex with my wife. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even break into the library, because the door was already open. That being said, it was the library of a university I wasn’t going to, and had never attended, which, really, with the warm buzz flying throughout my body, made the sex all that more exciting. But, no, no, I am not a constantly drunk person, no, never, and now, especially as I am far older, and quite wiser, I like to drink responsibly, as more of a recreational hobby than an activity with the pure intent being to just drink what I can while I feel like it. At that, while I say terribly, I have never really been drunk to the point of putting myself in danger, or putting others in danger. I also, definitely, have never driven while drunk, and neither did my wife.

As a father, I only had more than one or two drinks on a very rare occasion, usually when I was out for a weekend with my wife, and my sons were at my parents’ house. I made sure my kids were taken care of, and then I let myself enjoy the time I had alone with my wife, and yes, we did enjoy a bottle of wine or two, but made no mistake, I never drank alcohol and put them in any kind of harm’s way. If we went out to dinner, one of us, either Marianne or I, would not drink, and would then drive home. That’s just the way mature adults have to act, and how they should act, for their safety, and for the sake of the safety of their children as well.

I think it is all very well to drink alcohol, as long as the person drinking it knows their limits, and stops before they are drunk to the point of sickness or loss of control. It saddens me that some teenagers these days have gotten into their heads that social drinking and wild partying is something to be done almost to the point of excess, and even to that point and beyond. It is not, because, I have been there, I have had my handful of wild partying days, and while I never did anything so stupid that I really regretted it, I soon saw after waking up in strange places a couple of times, that it just wasn’t worth it. I was lucky, really, that my wife and I were together at a young age, and always had an eye on one another, but not so many teenagers are as fortunate as that. What I am trying to say, is that while a wild party or a drunken teenage experience is avoidable, it is still something that happens in this society. Even if a person does get drunk, irrespective of whether they are a teenager or an adult, they should still try and act responsibly, and make themselves safe.

That is not always the way things go, really. As much as I would like them too, I still get people on my table that have crashed their cars while drunk, who have been killed in a drunken rage, or who have mixed copious amounts of alcohol and pills with shocking results. As a Medical Examiner, I do my duty, and autopsy those who need to be autopsied. I collect the evidence, take blood samples, get the appropriate analysis work done, and present the appropriate results as they come, and as they are needed. However, while don’t become emotionally attached to the bodies I work on, I still feel a certain amount of sorrow and compassion for people who die because they were drunk, or harmed by someone who was drunk. For those who aren’t chronic alcoholics, it is a thought that, some hours earlier, before their death, these people who have died, were just leading their lives. Then came that party, that night out, were things for them and for others, changed permanently. As for the innocent people who are harmed by those who have drunk themselves to excess, gone out of control and caused accidents, for them, I also feel compassion. While it may or may not be someone’s fault that they have died because of alcohol, or have harmed someone else because of their excessive consumption of the stuff, it all boils down to the one basic fact. This fact is the thought that really, drinking in excess, getting drunk, can cause dangerous situations, can harm the drunken person and the people around them, and can cause severe horror or injury, to any number of these particular people.

The simple fact is, that alcohol can harm, and alcohol can kill. I would never intentionally get a person drunk, especially by way of misleading them. For me, being drunk, and only slightly so, is a situation, that while I do not especially like it and its ramifications, is one that was reserved for my wife, and is reserved, for some of my close friends. I could get drunk, but not extremely so, with my wife, and I still can, with some of my friends. However, I have never gotten blindingly drunk, to the point of extremely stupid actions fuelled by alcohol or alcoholic rage, and I never will. For me, I would much prefer to have a one or two drinks, maybe three, and make them good ones, enjoyed with friends, after which I would stop and drink other things that didn’t have alcohol in them. For me, nowadays, as it has been for a while, there is really no good reason to get drunk, and there really shouldn’t be, ever. Sure, I may be sad sometimes, but I seek out my good friends, my memories, or simply my home in this situation, and not the bottle. As an ME, and even as a Chef, I have seen too many lives ruined and ended, or simply ruined, to ever want to become drunk especially so to the point where I lose control of myself.

I have been drunk a handful of times in my life, and I have done stupid things, but I never got anyone hurt. I have only been blindingly, incredibly, really drunk, once in my life. I don’t mean tripping over myself and laughing drunk, waking up with a bad headache drunk, I mean, completely smashed and hammered, beyond all reason. One evening, in the month following the death of my wife and sons, when I was actually alone one evening and not in the company of my parents or friends, I brought out several bottles of several varieties of alcohol from the cupboard where I keep all such things. I know that night I consumed a copious amount of wine and my fair share of brandy and whiskey, and perhaps other lesser amounts of things I don’t quite remember. While I may not have needed to get that drunk, it felt like, as time passed, more and more the suitable thing to do, because, gradually, the pain lessened, and the world grew fuzzier, and I crashed on the couch, only to wake up late the day after and vomit several times. While I don’t call it a turning point, it was not an exercise I have repeated since then, and was not one I don’t really ever think I had done beforehand either. But, that is the point I am trying to make. Alcohol is dangerous, it is, and can be, a deadly poison to many people, who do not, or can not stop drinking it. The vital thing is, and the thing that I have always done, in the exception of that one lonely night, where it probably pointed me in a direction far less worse than the one I was contemplating, is to drink responsibly, and appropriately, at all times. Do that, and nothing in the course of a person’s history of drinking alcohol, can ever fail them, providing that even while slightly drunk they don’t engage in a threesome in a library hallway and get knocked inappropriately with a book trolley.
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