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05 May 2008 @ 12:22 am
Dinner and a Chat... (Locked to just_chemicals)  
Sid Hammerback sat at a table near the front of the restaurant, beside the window, but not too close to the doorway. In that position, he got to enjoy the cool night air drifting in through parted glass panes, but still had the comfort of the delicate warmth the interior buzz of people provided. His eyes scanned the trickling crowd of incoming people and departing guests, trying to discern a face from the crowd that he probably wouldn't recognise. With a chuckle, he had left a small description of himself for her, so she could, at least, try to locate him. Bespectacled, greying hair, 5' 10", blue eyes. Seeing as he was seated, the height was unnecessary, and, he was amused, because he had forgotten the fact that such a description, meant he could have been about one of at least three people in the restaurant. Years ago, going out for dinner had been easy, because he lived with the person he was dining with. In recent years, it had been harder, but not significantly so. The present circumstance wasn't hard, and he was sure, she might recognise him by the fact he was sitting alone, but still, he couldn't help but smile, because things were different now, and they would never be the same.

Perhaps, it was the intent that bothered him, just slightly, ticking at the back of his mind. It was easy, to go out with a lover, just as easy to go out with a friend. If he was going to fuck a person, and they both knew it, then dinner was easy, and best if it was quick and full of subtle messages. But meeting someone new, with no intentions of afterwards, except the prospect of one less stranger and one more acquaintance, was, perhaps, the meeting that presented the most difficulty. There were two people, meeting for the first time, because they possessed similar interests. She did really know his past, and he barely knew hers.

Sid was a relatively tall man, thin, with a shock of wavy, greying hair and black rimmed glasses. He wore a dark silver tie and a dark blue dress shirt with thin silver stripes, tucked smartly into a pair of long black pants. On his feet were black leather shoes and his jacket, which matched his pants, hung on the chair he was sitting on, and hid a worn leather shoulder bag. The restaurant itself, he had chosen largely for the ambience, the staff and the price. Nothing too out of the range, but good meals nonetheless. Considering his past, he made a well defined habit out of knowing the best places to eat around the city, based on several discerning aspects. This one, also, was well lit and offered a nice range of food. The thing was, he partially considered the place as a past and present chef, judging it on its food, its appearance, and, yet, also partially on the basis of just a normal person. It had impressed him in the past, and it impressed him now, because it was nice, and smart, and not too over the top.

Beckoning over a waiter with a polite "Excuse me", the man smiled. He had only arrived a couple of minutes ago, and, left briefly to wait, to prepare, for an evening out, he sought to give it his best.

"I'm expecting a lady friend tonight, two glasses of water, two menus, please." the ME said, and laughed when the waiter patted him on the shoulder.

"I have not seen you in a while! I shall tell Jean Claude you are here! And your water, post haste!" the man said, giving Sid another affectionate pat on the shoulder, to which he took no offence, in the slightest. Seconds later, water and menus on the table, Hammerback went back to his quiet game of watching the door from his perfect vantage point facing the entrance, and settled in for the arrival of a woman none too late, as he had been only a couple of minutes early in his arrival. As such, the time at the present was indeed, an early six thirty in the evening.
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I've accepted that we're just chemicals: Baby it's cold outsidejust_chemicals on May 7th, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)
Sunny had left the car at work and decided to walk to the restaurant. She had never been to this place before but Sid had said it was good and who would know better than a former chef? The streets were crowded and she was moving at a snails place looking for the address. Sunny could tell that those around here were annoyed as they brushed past her. She stopped in a window to check herself. Having come straight from work she had not had the chance to stop at home to change so she was forced to come in the slightly wrinkled pinstriped slacks and white blouse she had been wearing all day. Dragging a body out from behind a dumpster was not conducive to good fashion. Pulling her long black hair back into a ponytail she continued walking down the street until she spotted the restaurant.

Stepping through the doorway she quickly scanned the crowd looking for someone who matched the description Sid had given her. She saw someone near the window and a person closer to the back who could have easily been him but she took a chance and walked toward the person closest to her.

"Sid Hammerback?" She asked smiling pleasantly.
Dr. Sid Hammerback, ME: Looksid_hammerback on May 19th, 2008 08:22 am (UTC)
Sid looked up, his eyebrows leaping up in a comical look of surprise. Had they not been attached to his face, the assumption could be made they would have reached the curly, greying wave of his hair, and kept on going. The surprise soon turned to a look of delight, as, indeed, she had not scared him, merely pleasantly made her presence clear. He, himself, had previously been studying the menus with a seemingly common look of intent, and had not really noticed her come in.

"Sunny I assume. Hello!" the man said, smiling openly, standing up to move a few steps and pull her seat out, offering it to her before sitting back down. It was a time honored tradition, and a natural one at that, to offer a woman her seat, to look surprised when a guest made an appearance. There was no pretence to his actions, just a kind of genuine, intended charm. One crafted out of years of living, one that could not be broken, irrelevant of modern tradition and broken customs.

Seated, the man grinned impishly.

"You do the after work look well, if I do say so myself." the ME said, neglecting to mention that he had spent the early hours of the morning negotiating a rather lovely dead body out of a pool. That didn't really need to be said anyway, he himself was just happy with smelling normal again, and not like a mixture of chlorine and death.

OOC: Sorry for the late reply! I’m not usually that awful with these things, but you know how it is. You think it’s a couple of days, and suddenly, it’s over a week. My deepest apologies, my dear. Let the dinner begin!
I've accepted that we're just chemicals: Camera readyjust_chemicals on May 19th, 2008 08:44 pm (UTC)
She silently said a prayer of thanks that the man she had chosen was, in fact, Sid. Life was stressful enough without adding public humiliation.

Working with CSI, she had always heard the name Hammerback thrown around but having never worked anywhere other than the 16th, first as a beat cop and now as a tech, it was only now that she was making his acquaintance. He was as she had imagined; tall, handsome, vaguely distinguished-or maybe that was just the gray hair that made him seem that way. Regardless, he looked like the kind of man that was easy to talk to. As he pulled out her chair for her, he wore a warm smile.

She sat down and placed her purse at her feet. It was a relief to finally sit after such a long day.
"Thank you," she said, deciding against detailing the hell her outfit had been through, "as do you, I guess you've had practice. I hope you weren't waiting long, I couldn't find the place at first."

[ooc: It's totally okay! I can understand being busy. I work full time, it's finals week, and I've got a social life outside the internet. Plus I kept you waiting first, dont stress!
Dr. Sid Hammerback, ME: Workingsid_hammerback on May 20th, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)
"Practice, yes. Lots of it, yes." Hammerback said, smiling in an amused sort of manner as he pushed his glasses up his nose with a finger.

"In time, it becomes a familiar thing, looking something that might not be true exactly. For you, looking very nice after what I can assume was a rather long and not all that pleasant day." the man continued, and then shook his head, indicating a reply of no. He had not been waiting there long, after all, so there was no reason to indicate otherwise.

"Not at all. I can understand the difficulty at a busy time of night such as this. Many people clearly going somewhere else, can make going somewhere specific, quite hard." he said, blue eyes shining with a warmed happiness as he spoke, making him appear ever the pleasant person.
I've accepted that we're just chemicals: Bitch pleasejust_chemicals on May 20th, 2008 07:20 am (UTC)
"You are entirely too nice, and yeah it was kind of a...hectic day. I'm just glad it's over and I can relax."

Sunny took a sip of the water on the table, thankful for the refreshment. A quick glance at the menu revealed an almost dizzying selection. Having never been there before she found herself almost lost.

"So what's good here?" she asked looking up from her menu.
Dr. Sid Hammerback, ME: Looksid_hammerback on May 28th, 2008 06:41 am (UTC)
Sid chuckled, mouth open slightly in a grin, when the woman mentioned the word "relax."

"My pleasure, but, yes, a chance to relax, if there ever is in our line of work, is indeed a nice thing." the man said, taking to watching Sunny as she looked over the menu. Well practiced eyes studied her features, her face, her hair, her body, while he wore a look of interest, none too intense in nature, but still present. She was a very pretty woman, and while his act of looking was not done in an act of being perverse, or anything like that, he still found her interesting.

"I am fond of the pasta here, but they do a number of Provencal dishes which I adore. Provencal food, ah, is a lovely thing, herbs, olives, tomatoes, things like that." Hammerback said, looking a bit embarrassed when he realised he was getting carried away with himself. Not in a bad way, by any means, but he was perfectly aware of the fact that what chatter may have excited him, could be any amount of gibberish to his guest's ears.

It was then that a man in a double breasted jacket and a tall chef's hat chose to crouch conspiratorially beside their table, wearing a silly grin. A very winning smile was directed towards Sunny, the expression coming off his angled face, that of welcome, and slight amusement.

"And what would mademoiselle like to order today, hmm?" the crouching man said, his accent evidently, and heavily, French.

"And now, I take the opportunity to introduce my friend, the head chef of the establishment, Jean Claude." Sid said with a slight air of sheepishness, but with a flourish of his hands all the same. All things being equal, he did look quite at home in such a bizarre situation.
I've accepted that we're just chemicals: My heart does not go out to youjust_chemicals on May 28th, 2008 11:07 pm (UTC)
Sunny reached out to take the man's hand, she shot Sid an impressed look before turning her attention back to the chef. "Nice to meet you Jean Claude, you have a very lovely place here."

I wasn't everyday that Sunny met the chef but then again it wasn't everyday she had lunch with near strangers after chatting on the internet. It was probably a good thing she hadn't told her daughter were she was going or the occasionally petulant fifteen year old would have given her a world a hell. She could hear Cassidy's voice now saying something to the effect "double standard". She would probably be better off not knowing about this.

Sunny took Sid's advice and ordered pasta, something with clams and a white sauce along with a glass of wine. She wasn't driving so why not?

As the chef walked away she turned her attention back to Sid. "So tell me Doctor, how does one go from the kitchen, to medical school, to the morgue? You have to admit, it's not a path most people take-but I guess I'm one to talk. I didn't always want to be in law enforcement, I was premed in college."
Dr. Sid Hammerback, ME: Looksid_hammerback on June 3rd, 2008 04:39 am (UTC)
Sid ordered the Chicken Provencale, speaking more to the chef as he ordered, but giving a gratuitous nod to the waiter, who had chosen to hover nearby, perhaps, to hear the conversation between two old friends. Finished ordering, however, a short conversation of rapid French was exchanged between the Chef and the Medical Examiner, and the latter ended up nodding in agreement to some sort of unwritten agreement.

Hammerback smiled as the other man left their table. He looked visibly happy, and perhaps, just a little excited, eyes glinting with an almost childish excitement, although he reformed his features to take on a look of all seriousness as the woman spoke to him.

"The kitchen got me first, led me to places beyond my wildest dreams. Food, the creation of a good dish, with the right sauce and accoutrements, is just as complex as the solving of a crime. But being a Doctor, doing something that could actively change the lives of people, had me captivated from an early age also." Sid said, his face flushing momentarily as he remembered snatches of wonderful memories and firsthand experiences. No trace of longing showed on his face, though, none of sadness or pain, because he did, really, enjoy where he was in his life.

"And really, I've made lasting friends in both areas, but, while I can still cook just as well as I could when I left the business, being an ME is where my heart lies now, for the most part." the man said, taking a moment to brush some hair from his face as it flopped daringly over his forehead. His wedding ring, hung on a thin golden chain around his neck, was a completely hidden, and unseen, delicate but comforting weight, against his chest.

"Both law and medicine are honorable, time tested professions, and each comes with their own difficulties. But, really, family matters triumph over all, in the end." Sid said, continuing, and finishing, moments later, his eyes once more, conveying intelligent emotions, the sharpness of a practical knowing, and the wholeness of an impractical understanding.

As a brief silence fell, a wine cooler in a stand arrived holding a bottle of freshly opened wine. Somewhere along the line, it seemed that he too, had ordered a drink, mimicking Sunny's own choice of alcoholic beverage, so that, indeed, there was a nice drink for them both, and nothing was wasted in between.

OOC: As you can see, he does love to make me write large posts of absolutely delicious chatter.