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31 May 2006 @ 05:47 pm
Theatrical Muse: Week 127: Question 127  
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback

Fandom: CSI: New York

Word Count: 535

Describe a chance encounter that changed your life.

Straightening his tie, the bespectacled young boy sat up even straighter in his seat. Pen at the ready, pencil waiting to take over need he draw diagrams, Sid Hammerback waited for his maths teacher to arrive. That of course, would be a simpler process if he wasn’t five minutes early.

Five minutes later, his ears caught the sound of the school bell ringing, and his resounding anticipation gurgled in his stomach. There was something special about that day, and he just couldn’t place it. Whatever it was, it made him feel undeniably excited. Even more excited than he normally was when it came to a class that didn’t require extreme physical exertion. He was fairly athletic, that was a fact, but that didn’t mean he adored every minute of Physical Education class either. Today had been one of the more boring days. They’d had a male student teacher, who could essentially be described as boring and a tad jiggly, and he’d missed watching the firm assed, round breasted displays of his class’s normal female teacher. Fresh out of university herself, she hadn’t quite cottoned on to why the male portion of the class he to see her display of high jump a couple of times before they got the concept of the activity. They weren’t dumb, they were just hormonally charged and horny. Unlike some though, who regarded her as a piece of meat, he saw her as a fine quality piece of art.

That being said, she was only for quiet looking, and no touching, admiring, but no exploring.

Drifting back into reality, the boy was brought back to the ground as the first few students, other than him, started to drift into the classroom. He watched them idly, like a birdwatcher watched a pigeon or a crow, that was, until, a vibrantly red haired girl entered the room, laughing like the tinkling of Christmas tree bells and smiling like the women on toothpaste commercials. She seemed to be laughing in regards to someone following her, as her eyes looked just slightly over her shoulder, and her head was turned just that much. Sid examined her, taking in every, single, luscious, beautiful detail.

There was something about her, something curious and intriguing, elegant and mysterious, and he found that he just couldn’t quite make his eyes leave her. Secretly, the boy was happy, extremely happy, when she took the seat to his right, and shaking himself back to reality, he smiled at her and stuck out his hand.

“Sid Hammerback, pleased to meet your acquaintance.”

The girl smiled and chuckled, and he immediately feared that she thought he was a freak.

“You can call me Queen.” she said, and shook his hand, smiling right back at him.

And in that moment, he knew she was something special. That chance moment of meeting was extremely special, because, in shaking her hand, he knew immediately what was the something special about that day, was. She was that something special, she was that it.

“You’ve got lovely teeth.” he said.

She blushed.

He smiled.

And then they went to work.

And in more ways than one, they solved the problem that each other had. Absolutely and completely.
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